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Sunday, May 31, 2015

#DashwoodWeek Recap

Whew! We've aired more than 1/4 of our episodes and our second #DashwoodWeek was a success. Thank you for all the support this week. We always enjoy connecting with you Dashers! Here's some of the fun we had:

-We released Margaret's first fan Q&A:

-We hit 500 Subscribers and 16,000 views on YouTube, which is insane!

-As a thank you, we released one of our scripts online with Creator notes.

-We challenged you to guess one Jane Austen quote a day, and you did great! Here they all are, with answers. Feel free to share and pin these graphics if you want!

Alicia Johnson, Lady Susan
Henry Tilney, Northanger Abbey
Mary Crawford, Mansfield Park
Emma Woodhouse, Emma
Mrs Dashwood, Sense and Sensibilty

-Plus of course we aired our regular episodes: the gang celebrated Marianne's birthday....

 ...and attempted an adventure that didn't go as planned.

Winners for all giveaways will be contacted for their addresses and prizes mailed within the next few weeks.

We're not the only Literary Webseries having a great week. If you still need a Lit Fix, go check these out:
-From Mansfield With Love is halfway through and they aired a wonderful wedding episode.
-The Misselthwaite Archives, based on The Secret Garden, filmed and set right here in the beautiful state of Oregon is crowdfunding.
-Masked, an upcoming adaptation of The Scarlet Pimpernel is also looking to cover some of their production costs. Support them on IndieGogo.
-The creators of In Earnest announced that they're adapting the legends of King Arthur. You can support REX here.
-The 2014 Literary Inspired Webseries Awards were held, many wonderful series were nominated, and one of our favorites, NMTD, cleaned up.

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