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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Nominate Project Dashwood for the LIW Awards

~Update 3/30/2017. We are also eligible for the 2017 awards! The same categories apply and you can nominate here.~ The Project Dashwood is eligible to be nominated for the 2016 Literary-Inspired Webseries (LIW) Awards! We'd be honored if you would take a moment to go nominate us here. Nominations are open until February 26th, so make sure to go fill out the form by then!

Here's a list of what you can nominate Project Dashwood for in each category. (We have multiple actors eligible in some categories, but you can only vote for one, so choose wisely.)

Best Literary Inspired Webseries:
Project Dashwood

Best Script:
Project Dashwood

Best Transmedia Experience:
Project Dashwood

Best Costume and Set Design:
Project Dashwood

Best Chemistry On Screen:
Maeve O’Connell and Andrew Anderson (Marianne and Brandon, Project Dashwood)
Stephanie Hough and Jessee Moomey (Elinor and Edward, Project Dashwood)
Maeve O’Connell and Conor O’Brien (Marianne and Willoughby, Project Dashwood)
(Platonic) Stephanie Hough and Andrew Anderson (Elinor and Brandon, Project Dashwood)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:
Conor O’Brien (John Willoughby, Project Dashwood)
Liam O’Connell (Tom Palmer, Project Dashwood)
Amos Anderson (Charlie Palmer, Project Dashwood)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role:
Amelia Hahn (Margaret Dashwood, Project Dashwood)
Margie Zerr (Mrs Jennings, Project Dashwood)
Alayna Mae (Lucy Steele, Project Dashwood)
Jessamyn Leigh (Fran Dashwood, Project Dashwood)

Heather McDonald (Charlotte Palmer, Project Dashwood)
Caryn Peters (Anne Steele, Project Dashwood)
Jordan Sundholm (Sophia Grey, Project Dashwood)

Best Actor in a Leading Role:
Andrew Anderson (Brandon Crieff, Project Dashwood)
Jessee Moomey (Edward Ferrars, Project Dashwood)

Best Actress in a Leading Role:
Stephanie Hough (Elinor Dashwood, Project Dashwood)
Maeve O’Connell (Marianne Dashwood, Project Dashwood)

Best Ensemble Cast:
Project Dashwood Cast

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