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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

#Twincidents Week Wrap Up

Thanks for joining us last week for our last #TwincidentsWeek. Here's a recap in case you missed any of the fun!

We kicked off with a giveaway. (Winners, we'll be contacting you tonight and sending out prizes soon!)

We introduced (well, reintroduced you if you were a ProDash fan) to you Andrew, who is playing Drew Hunter. Read all about the actor and the character here

We also made several of our inspiration boards for Twincidents public on Pinterest

We did a follow spree on Twitter, and released our character transmedia accounts

Twincidents creator Jessamyn did a live Q&A on Twitter. Her answers are compiled on Storify here

One of our writers, Anya, (with the help of some paper puppets) did a hilarious summary video to get you familiarized with A Comedy of Errors.

We premiered our first episode! Check out the playlist to see it, as well as episode 2, which was released this morning.

We hope you had fun with this first #TwincidentsWeek. Thanks for participating!

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